Mokele Mbembe: A Living Dinosaur

Much to evolutionists’ dismay, the Africans in the Congo know that dinosaurs were not extinct millions of years ago; they have seen it, up close and personal. It is most likely a sauropod dinosaur and truly throws a wrench into the machinery of humanistic evolution.

Apologetics Series

Apologetics is the study of defending the Christian faith. This five part series deals with issues like Creation, The existence of God, Evolution, the Flood, Bible Archaeology, Faith and will give believers the necessary information to give an answer to every man for the faith that is within us. There are some exciting topics covered and I hope the LORD uses some of it in your life to strengthen your faith and help you earnestly contend for the faith.

Click HERE to listen to the five part series.

The God Delusion Debate

Richard Dawkins and Dr. John Lennox debate subject matter in Dawkin’s latest book, “The God Delusion”, which makes the argument that religion is an inferior answer to the question of origins. Dr. Lennox does an excellent job presenting a strong case for God, Faith and the Biblical account of origins.