Traditional vs. Relevant Church

There is no lack of material showing the vast difference in the traditional church vs. the relevant and hip church we see so prevalent today. Here is a brief overview in the fundamental differences.

The Traditional ChurchThe Relevant Church
Doctrinally Defined Name (ex. Calvary Baptist )One Word Name (ex. Newspring)
Fierce Doctrinal BoldnessAvoidance of Doctrine to prevent division
Traditional English Bible (KJV) Modern Perversions of the Bible
Reverent SanctuaryRock Concert Hall
Modest and formal dressCasual and sloppy dress
Centrality of the Pulpit Centrality of Musical Equipment
Physical PulpitAbsence of Pulpit
Centrality of Congregational SingingCentrality of Praise Team
Centrality of Deep, Theological HymnsCentrality of Shallow and Rock-like songs
Pastor dressed in Suit and TiePastor in t-shirt
Pastor a man of reverence and wisdomPastor a man of juvenile entertainment
Emphasis on Doctrinal TeachingEmphasis on Relevant Encouragement
Vigilant Guard Against False TeachingCommon Acceptance of False Teaching
Sermons based on the Word of GodSermons based on the Pastor’s charisma
Rejection of Charismatic teachingEmbracement of Charismatic teaching
Spirit of discernment Catastrophic lack of discernment

These differences should alarm the sober student of Scripture and the circumspect follower of Christ. They do not inherently make anyone better or more sanctified, yet they do reveal a great deal about one’s heart and their understanding of God, His Word, Worship and the Christian walk.

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