Sermon: “He Entered Once”

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Jesus as high priest

How does Christ deal with sins of believers after they become Christians?

What happens if I die with unconfessed sin?

Will I answer for my sins at the Judgment?

All these questions and more are answered from the plain teaching of Scripture.

Apologetics Series

Apologetics is the study of defending the Christian faith. This five part series deals with issues like Creation, The existence of God, Evolution, the Flood, Bible Archaeology, Faith and will give believers the necessary information to give an answer to every man for the faith that is within us. There are some exciting topics covered and I hope the LORD uses some of it in your life to strengthen your faith and help you earnestly contend for the faith.

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Sermon: Dodging The Dangers of Damnable Doctrines

Dodging The Dangers of Damnable Doctrines….seriously? That’s some major alliteration! Well, sometimes a title like that helps people remember the sermon…hopefully. I Timothy 4 is a warning to believers not to get caught up in false doctrines–mainly those being spread and taught by demonic influences. How can we avoid such doctrines or identify them? This sermon will explain from the Scriptures how to detect such doctrines and steer clear of them.

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