Reading List


A Survey of Old Testament Introduction – Archer

Evidence That Demands A Verdict – McDowell and McDowell

Faith & Reason – Ronald Nash

Mountain of Fire: Search For The Real Mt. Sinai – Bob Cornuke

Six Days: The Age of The Earth And The Decline of The Church – Ken Ham

The DaVinci Code Breaker – Garlow

The Lie: Evolution – Ken Ham

The New Answers Books Vol. I-IV – Ken Ham


Bible Translation Issue

A Testimony Founded Forever – David Sightler

Neither Older Nor Best – David Sorenson

My Plea For The Old Sword – Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Touch Not The Unclean Thing – David  Sorenson

We We Hold To The King James Bible – David Cloud



In Light of Eternity (Leonard Ravenhill) – Tomlinson



Deconstructing Calvinism: A Biblical Analysis and Refutation – Hutson Smelley

The Calvinism Debate – David Cloud

What Love Is This? – Dave Hunt


Church History

A Glorious Church –  Mike Gass

Christ In The Camp – J. William Jones

Collapse of Separatism – David Cloud

Protestant Denominations Today – David Cloud

Protestant Persecutions of Baptists– David Cloud


False Teaching

17 Reasons Why I Left The Tongues Movement – David Cloud

A Woman Riding A Beast – Dave Hunt

C.S. Lewis And Evangelicals Today – David Cloud

Charismatic Confusion – David Cloud

John Piper And Christian Hedonism – David Cloud

Is Rome The True Church? – Norman Geisler

The Hyles Effect: Spreading a Blight – David Cloud

The “Judge Not” Heresy – David Cloud

Tongues Speaking – David Cloud

What About Steven Anderson? – David Cloud


Hebraic Studies

A Survey of Israel’s History – Wood

Bible Wines or The Laws of Fermentation – Patton

Everyman’s Talmud – Cohen

Exploring The World of The Jew – Phillips

God’s Appointed Customs – Kasdan

God’s Appointed Times – Kasdan

God’s Lamp Man’s Light – Garr

Jesus The Jewish Theologian 

Matthew Presents Yeshua King Messiah – Rabbi Barney Kasdan

Seeing Christ In The Old Testament – Hershberger

The Jewish War – Flavius Josephus

Through Jewish Eyes – Craig Hartman


Lectures To My Students – C.H. Spurgeon

Only A Prayer Meeting – C.H. Spurgeon

The Classic Collection On Prayer – E.M. Bounds

Why Revival Tarries – Leonard Ravenhilll



Because The Time Is Near – John MacArthur

God’s Prophetic Blueprint – Bob Shelton


Reference Helps

Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

Way of Life Encyclopedia of Christianity – David Cloud

Wilson’s Old Testament Word Studies



Ashamed of The Gospel – John MacArthur

Basic Theology – Charles Ryrie

Bible Doctrines – Michael Bere

Chariots of God: God’s Law In Relation To The Cross & The Christian – Alan Cairns

Cries From The Cross – Erwin Lutzer

Hard To Believe – John MacArthur

Questions Answered – David Cloud

Saved Without A Doubt – John MacArthur

There Really Is A Difference: A Comparison of Covenant And Dispensational Theology      – Renald E. Showers